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[News Comics VO] Deux Variants Covers pour Jupiter's Legacy #3

Deux variants covers pour Jupiter's Legacy #3, la série de Mark Millar et Franck Quitely, ont été dévoilées par Image Comics. Les variants covers sont dessinées par Bryan Hitch et Sean Phillips et sont déjà précommandables.

Description VO : The third issue of the Image series that explores inter-generational power struggles between superheroes and their children marks a turning point in the ten-issue-series’ story: a violent attempted coup that, successful or not, will change the world’s trajectory.

The heroes conspire to overthrow The Utopian, discontent rumbling in the bars and the clubs where the superheroes get wasted and complain how much he's been holding them all back with his old-fashioned ideas of power and responsibility. There's a new world out there if they will only grasp it. But what is his daughter's secret and how will it change things forever for their family?

Jupiter's Legacy #3 sera disponible à partir du 28 août 2013.

Jupiter's Legacy #3 / Image Comics
Jupiter's Legacy #3 / Image Comics

Jupiter's Legacy #3 / Image Comics

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